About me

Hello and  thank you so so much for visiting my little store. 


My name is Katie and I am a mummy of 3 little people. I am the face behind the sewing machine, website, instagram page and all things in between! Everything that you order will be hand sewn by me.

During lockdown 2020, I spent a lot of time playing with a new sewing machine (thanks Middle of Lidl!) and taught myself some new skills and made my first pieces of clothing.  I absolutely loved making kids clothing and wanted to try and turn a hobby into a job!


If I was going to make kids clothing on a larger scale, one thing that was really important to me was to be as environmentally friendly as possible (there's no faster fashion than baby clothing!).  

In a dream world, I would design my own fabrics and have them printed locally, however it's just too expensive for a tiny business, so that remains a dream at the moment!  Instead, I source the best organic cotton around, which is soft, stretchy, washes well, and is of course bloomin cute!  I also use organic cotton labels on all of the garments.

In a bid to make the rest of the business sustainable, I use recycled cardboard packaging, recycled printing paper and fully compostable/carbon neutral mailing bags.


I hope you like my wee website and if you purchase anything, I hope love them! If you have any questions, please send me an email fiaandfede@gmail.com  

Lots of love, Katie xxx